Noa Handle Cushion

4.5 of 5 stars

Print: Shades of Blue & White

Minky: Light Blue

Noa Handle Cushion - 0 Noa Handle Cushion - 1 Noa Handle Cushion - 2

The perfect accessory to add comfort and charm while carrying your baby’s car seat! Plush and soft with a Cotton and Poly Minky. Exterior and 100% Polyurethane Foam Fill.

The Noa carseat handle cushion is an ideal fit to go along with your Noa canopy or whole caboodle with matching ocean inspired swirls of blues and white plus a blue minky strip down the center for added comfort!

Car Seat IS NOT included!

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Jamie Yau
Ordered on
May 6th, 2023
Reviewed on
May 24th, 2023
Bought this just to match the canopy.. it's a bit thicker than I thought it would be which can be a good thing for most people. It's definitely thick and I hope the velcro will stay secured.
Ordered on
Jul 19th, 2021
Reviewed on
Jul 30th, 2021
Love the thickness and comfort of this! I didn't realize how nice it was until I opened my order, and the fun print makes it even better. Can't wait to use in those chilly months when lugging my newborn around.
Jamie Marie Linn
Ordered on
Dec 6th, 2019
Reviewed on
Dec 20th, 2019
Much bigger than I expected, so it is hard to utilize if the canopy is in the most upright position. That being said, this is very comfortable and makes the forearm carry painless!
Nikeema Johnson
Ordered on
Sep 29th, 2018
Reviewed on
Jan 8th, 2019
A: A Car Seat is NOT INCLUDED with purchase of any of our car seat canopy products.
A: We can not be held liable in the event that our product voids the warranty of your car seat, if you have any questions about our product voiding your car seat warranty, please read the warranty paperwork or call the car seat manufacturer.
A: We cannot guarantee that it will fit your model of carseat, but we do know that it fits most major makes & models. However, minor alterations may be needed on some makes and models.

Our products are not waterproof. However, the breathable fabric should provide plenty of coverage from the elements for every day activities, and briefly going out and about in mild to severe weather.


Our breathable canopies may be universally used in all weather conditions. For the coldest climates, we recommend the Original canopy. For the warmest climates, we recommend the Muslin or Jersey Stretch styles.

A: Most of our products ship from our Pleasant Grove, Utah warehouse, however we could ship from Ohio, or direct from a manufacturer if we do not have it in the warehouse.

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