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Print: Black and White

Minky: Red

  • The Solomon Canopy fits most makes and models of infant car seats*
  • Adjustable attachment straps allow for a custom fit
  • Machine washable, hang dry
pattern Solomon - 1

The Original Carseat Canopy by Canopy Couture

Black and white rainbow shaped designs adorn the Solomon canopy. This fun yet classy print dresses up any baby carrier. Red minky dots the interior. Made for year-round use—the fabric not too heavy for summer and not to thin for winter. We’ve got your baby covered!

  • The Solomon Canopy fits most makes and models of infant car seats*
  • Adjustable attachment straps allow for a custom fit
  • Machine washable, hang dry

*Minor alterations may be needed on some makes and models

Carseat Covers™ products are made for "year-round" use—fabrics not too heavy for summer and not too thin for winter. Each one of our canopies has bold, fresh, cutting-edge prints on 100% cotton outers with soft, snuggly, lovable 100% polyester minky interiors. We’ve got your baby covered!

Car Seat IS NOT included!

Includes:Carseat Covers (Car Seat NOT Included!)
Material:100% cotton outers, 100% polyester minky interiors
Care and Cleaning:Machine washable, hang dry
Dimensions:39.5 in. x 28.5 in.

What is Minky Dot Fabric?

Luxurious and silky soft, Minky fabric resembles real mink to the touch. It has a soft short pile and is as soft as cashmere. Minky is the ultimate fabric for creating baby blankets, cozy robes, apparel, toys, quilt backings, and just about any baby accessory. Minky comes in dozens of patterns, colors, and textures from dots and stripes to embossed prints.

What is a Carseat Canopy?

It is the brand name that develops the best and highest quality baby car seat covers (rear facing) in the world while remaining affordable! We all know motherhood can be difficult. Canopy Couture is a baby car seat cover manufacturer, and we are committed to providing mothers with convenience and safety while on the go.

We have created a safe and convenient product for parents looking for a reliable source of protection for their children.

We have launched over 600 products to ease the life of an expecting or a new mother, and our baby car seat covers are hot-selling articles with many exciting features!

Elegant Designs

  • Dozens of designs to choose from.

100% Cotton & 100% Polyester Dot Fabric

  • Above all, the outer side is made of 100% cotton, and the inner side is made of 100% polyester Minky dot fabric. Soft piling on the Minky dot fiber makes it super soft and comfortable. Other benefits include sound-dampening, and light restriction to help your precious baby sleep.

The Perfect Thickness

  • You can use the cover throughout the year as it is not too thick to trap heat in summers and not too thin to prevent cold in winters.

High-Quality Easy Fit

  • Moreover, it is made of high-quality fabric, and you can easily wash it in the machine. It does not matter which car seat you have as it easily fits on all kinds of seats with dimensions of 39.5 in. x 28.5 in.


  • If you want to completely change the look of your baby's car seat and make it's ultra comfortable, then upgrade to the Whole Caboodle will be highly cost-effective for you!! Whether you're looking for a chic, stylish cover or something simple and durable, Canopy Couture has got your back. We pride ourselves on providing convenience, safety, and overall value with every purchase you make!
  • Our products are made from high-quality materials guaranteed to last through several years' worth of baby car rides and diaper changes.

Why should you choose Canopy Couture Carseat Canopy?

Provides Protection

Our Baby car seat covers provide better protection to your baby.

Provides Stability and Comfort

If you love to go on trips and travel, then these amazing car seat covers will prove a blessing in disguise. Canopy Couture baby seat covers provide comfort, stability, and a cozy ride for your baby. This will ease both you and your baby.

Provides Protection from the Environment

If there is raining outside or the sun is too bright, Canopy Couture baby car seat covers provide full protection to your baby. Protect against all of the elements, insects, and pests.

Provides Privacy

Most of the time, you have to change the diaper of your Baby in a public place, so in this situation, Canopy Couture car seat covers will help you. You can easily change diapers without any inconveniences.

Provides Good Sound Sleep

Canopy Couture baby car seat covers will benefit your baby in environments that make it uncomfortable to rest, including bright days, lighted streets, and noisy environments.

We are the best!

As a mother, you don't have time to worry about what your baby is sitting on. That's why Canopy Couture offers the best baby car seat covers on the market. We want your child to be safe, comfortable, and happy—ensuring they're in the best possible baby car seat cover.

How is Canopy Couture better than its competitors?

Canopy Couture provides over 600 products for baby care, pregnant women, and nursing mothers. The quality is outstanding. We've been around since 2005, and know what moms want.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide parents with a product that is not only safe but also affordable. We also strive to be environmentally conscious and offer eco-friendly products. We know that you want the best price possible without sacrificing quality. For us, it’s always about the comfort of a mother and her baby.

Rating Value

Kelly Dieumegarde
Ordered on
May 16th, 2023
Reviewed on
Jun 4th, 2023
The product is super soft and made very well. I love the design and that I could personalize it with my sons name.
Stacy M Campos
Ordered on
May 7th, 2023
Reviewed on
May 24th, 2023
I put 3 stars because I still dont know how the product looks like or quality. I do give only 2 stars to the experience because we paid $17 for faster shipping, order on May 7th, estimated latest time arrival was May 21st, we received an email saying package was delivered, but we still havent received it , and today is May 24th. It is not right in my opinion.
Shay Galloway
Ordered on
Apr 30th, 2023
Reviewed on
May 21st, 2023
It look very nice and I like it
Ordered on
Apr 10th, 2023
Reviewed on
Apr 25th, 2023
Great colors, size and use both sides, recommended.
Ordered on
Mar 11th, 2023
Reviewed on
Mar 21st, 2023
The colors are so vibrant I'm in love with it. We chose this style for our little girl but it's cute enough to use if we ever have a boy. The quality is great and we're so excited to use it.
Ordered on
Dec 27th, 2022
Reviewed on
Mar 15th, 2023
The canopy is well made and I love the colors. My only regret is that I didnt have it when my baby was a newborn!
Esthefany Rodriguez
Ordered on
Feb 14th, 2023
Reviewed on
Feb 27th, 2023
Love it! purchased it with personalized name, letter and color combination worked perfectly. Could be used as a blanket as well
Endia Askew
Ordered on
Jan 2nd, 2023
Reviewed on
Jan 20th, 2023
My canopy is the cutest thing. I believe its great quality. I paid extra for the letters to be large but they seem pretty small to me. Also the Velcro thats used to connect to the car seat handle could be a little longer. This way the canopy could be better secured and not slide as much.
Jessica Gandy
Ordered on
Dec 29th, 2022
Reviewed on
Jan 14th, 2023
This is my second order from you guys, I got one 7 years ago for my first born! I was so happy to get a matching one for my upcoming baby.

Personalize it!!

 Make your Canopy Couture purchase even more special by having your item embroidered with baby's initials or first name. Available on most Carseat Canopy, choose classic, modern, or script lettering to add a personal touch to a luxurious gift for a friend or for yourself.

*More detailed information available during the checkout process.

You can add embroidery to your order just by adding one of our Carseat Canopies to your bag, and proceeding to checkout!

  • We maximize a 3" tall by 8" wide space across the bottom right of the cover. Shorter names like "Amy" will be fully 3" tall but not 8" wide, while longer names like "Elizabeth" may not be fully 3" tall but will be very close to 8" wide. The font color is chosen from one of 16 colors. The selected color is shown in the preview.
  • Please note that we do our best to render an accurate representation of the final product however all representations regarding embroidery on our website are only approximate. Actual positions and colors of embroidery may vary slightly from those depicted. We embroider the name exactly as you save it - capitalization and spacing included! We trust you to save your order exactly as you want it embroidered. ALL SALES ARE FINAL on embroidery orders except when due to either manufacturer defect or embroidery mistake. Your email receipt will contain a link to your saved font and name selection for your records. As always our number one goal is your complete satisfaction!

A: A Car Seat is NOT INCLUDED with purchase of any of our car seat canopy products.
A: 100% cotton outers, 100% polyester minky interiors
A: Luxurious and silky soft, Minky fabric resembles real mink to the touch. It has a soft short pile and is as soft as cashmere. Minky is the ultimate fabric for creating baby blankets, cozy robes, apparel, toys, quilt backings, and just about any baby accessory. Minky comes in dozens of patterns, colors, and textures from dots and stripes to embossed prints.
A: We can not be held liable in the event that our product voids the warranty of your car seat, if you have any questions about our product voiding your car seat warranty, please read the warranty paperwork or call the car seat manufacturer.
A: We cannot guarantee that it will fit your model of carseat, but we do know that it fits most major makes & models. However, minor alterations may be needed on some makes and models.

Our products are not waterproof. However, the breathable fabric should provide plenty of coverage from the elements for every day activities, and briefly going out and about in mild to severe weather.


Our breathable canopies may be universally used in all weather conditions. For the coldest climates, we recommend the Original canopy. For the warmest climates, we recommend the Muslin or Jersey Stretch styles.

A: Most of our products ship from our Pleasant Grove, Utah warehouse, however we could ship from Ohio, or direct from a manufacturer if we do not have it in the warehouse.

Solomon Whole Caboodle

What is the Whole Caboodle?
  • Carseat Canopy
  • Replacement Umbrella
  • Head Support Pillow
  • Slip Cover
  • Baby Lap Blanket

Print: Black and White

Minky: Red


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