Atlanta Falcons Whole Caboodle Stretch

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Carseat Covers, Replacement Umbrella, Head Support Pillow, Slip Cover, Body Lap Blanket (Car Seat NOT Included!)

Material:95% polyester and 5% spandex
Care and Cleaning:Machine wash cold gentle cycle. Wash with like colors. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low.
Dimensions:Canopy: 39.5 in. x 28.5 in.

This product is made-to-order, using Sublimation Printing to create the design as seen in the image above.

What is Sublimation Printing?

Sublimation printing is a technique of printing onto syntactic material using high temperature heat, pressure and timing to turn dye sublimation ink into gas and transfer it onto a syntactic material such as Polyester and Nylon based fabric.

Is the ink used to print on this product safe?

This product is CPSIA Certified, The CPSIA defines the term "children's product" and certifies the product is tested for compliance by a CPSC-accepted accredited laboratory, unless subject to an exception;

Rating Value

Ordered on
Jan 28th, 2022
Reviewed on
Feb 22nd, 2022
I loved the product! Looks exactly how the preview shows.

How well did it fit? - Perfect

Did you get Embroidery? - No

Kaylen Lewis
Ordered on
Jan 10th, 2022
Reviewed on
Jan 29th, 2022
Just got it in , super cool looking. Very very soft material

Car Seat Model? - Carrier

How well did it fit? - Fits great!

Did you get Embroidery? - No, we got the NFL logo Chicago bears, so cool

Catalina Harbour
Ordered on
Oct 1st, 2021
Reviewed on
Oct 8th, 2021
My wife is a fan and our daughter absolutely loves it for the baby great quality will definitely order from canopy couture again

How well did it fit? - Extremely well

Did you get Embroidery? - No embroidery, but awesome anyway

Shalee Amano
Ordered on
Jul 30th, 2021
Reviewed on
Aug 14th, 2021
This is going to be perfect for football season. The fabric is very soft and well made. I cant wait to use it!

Car Seat Model? - Maxi Cosi

How well did it fit? - Perfect!

Did you get Embroidery? - No

Kelly P
Ordered on
Jun 28th, 2021
Reviewed on
Jul 6th, 2021
This Patriots Cover is PERFECT! Also came with an entire car seat combo. Included the padding for around our baby's head, a canopy, the Patriots Cover, and the material is soooo incredibly soft. Thank you guys sooo much for such an awesome product! We can't WAIT to try it out!

Car Seat Model? - Azalea Fashion Snugride Travel System

How well did it fit? - Perfectly

Did you get Embroidery? - No

Sherice Marie
Ordered on
Mar 31st, 2021
Reviewed on
May 26th, 2021

How well did it fit? - Good

Did you get Embroidery? - No

Ordered on
Nov 30th, 2020
Reviewed on
Dec 6th, 2020
So cute!!! Cant wait to see this in action :)

Car Seat Model? - Unk

How well did it fit? - Unk

Did you get Embroidery? - No

Renee Ayala
Ordered on
Sep 13th, 2020
Reviewed on
Sep 25th, 2020
Waited 3/4 weeks for this product and finally comes in and its totally the wrong product i wanted the cowboys football carrier package theme no they sent baseball and cowboys what is that Im very upset.

Car Seat Model? - Cowboys

How well did it fit? - Idk wrong one came

Did you get Embroidery? - No

Stacey holmes
Ordered on
Aug 11th, 2020
Reviewed on
Aug 23rd, 2020
I didnt receive this Titans in my order I received 3 out fo the 4 and one of my other ones didnt have the correct capitalization
A: A Car Seat is NOT INCLUDED with purchase of any of our car seat canopy products.
A: We can not be held liable in the event that our product voids the warranty of your car seat, if you have any questions about our product voiding your car seat warranty, please read the warranty paperwork or call the car seat manufacturer.
A: We cannot guarantee that it will fit your model of carseat, but we do know that it fits most major makes & models. However, minor alterations may be needed on some makes and models.

Our products are not waterproof. However, the breathable fabric should provide plenty of coverage from the elements for every day activities, and briefly going out and about in mild to severe weather.


Our breathable canopies may be universally used in all weather conditions. For the coldest climates, we recommend the Original canopy. For the warmest climates, we recommend the Muslin or Jersey Stretch styles.

A: Most of our products ship from our Pleasant Grove, Utah warehouse, however we could ship from Ohio, or direct from a manufacturer if we do not have it in the warehouse.

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