Angelina Handle Cushion

4.8 of 5 stars

Print: Shades of Light Pink & White

Minky:Light Pink

Angelina Handle Cushion - 0 Angelina Handle Cushion - 1 Angelina Handle Cushion - 2

The perfect accessory to add comfort and charm while carrying your baby’s car seat! Plush and soft with a Cotton and Poly Minky. Exterior and 100% Polyurethane Foam Fill.

*Price valid when ordered with another Carseat Canopy product.

The Angelina carseat handle cushion is an ideal fit to go along with your Angelina canopy or whole caboodle with the same alluring light pink damask designs on a white background plus a light pink minky strip down the center for added comfort!

Car seat NOT included

Rating Value

Ordered on
Dec 23rd, 2021
Reviewed on
Jan 15th, 2022
Too bulky. Cant click the button I have to move this HUGE handle out of the way. This add more steps and again unless you have massive hands (Shaq) status this cushion is useless. Im going to return both.
Candra Huhnholz
Ordered on
Feb 5th, 2020
Reviewed on
Feb 20th, 2020
This product feels like a gental soft pillow. It has a lot of padding, feel exactly like memory foam. I have not been able to use it yet cause I'm 8months pregnant but I have tried it out on my carseat and put a few books in there and it seriously made all the difference. When I had my son he was 11lbs 3 weeks early and I most definitely could have used this! It is going to make a world of a difference and I definitely recommend it. I love this handle cushion. I wish they had more pattern/color options though cause then I would have multiple. Also the customer service is wonderful. Very respectful caring and they even reached out to me on their own and asked me if I was satisfied and if I needed anything. Now that's definitely not like normal costumer service. I appreciate the respect and care. Thank you!!
Ashley Lucier
Ordered on
Feb 2nd, 2020
Reviewed on
Feb 15th, 2020
Absolutely gorgeous. So luxurious and comfy!!!
Ordered on
Feb 27th, 2019
Reviewed on
Mar 13th, 2019
Its really thick. But, I can see it coming in handy for carrying within the inner arm area, because my hands are small. Beautiful print and seems very well put together.
Dale Uberig
Ordered on
Feb 19th, 2019
Reviewed on
Feb 27th, 2019
Pleased with product. Purchased as a gift.
A: We can not be held liable in the event that our product voids the warranty of your car seat, if you have any questions about our product voiding your car seat warranty, please read the warranty paperwork or call the car seat manufacturer.
A: We cannot guarantee that it will fit your model of carseat, but we do know that it fits most major makes & models. However, minor alterations may be needed on some makes and models.
A: The reason why all sales are final is because we do not want to sell you possible used product. We want you to know that your order will contain a brand-new never-been-used product. Because of the nature of the product and the nature of babies, we hope that you understand and appreciate that you are getting a brand new never used (by someone else’s baby) product. Other people may not change their baby’s diapers as often as you do. Enough said.

Angelina Whole Caboodle

What is the Whole Caboodle?
  • Carseat Canopy
  • Replacement Umbrella
  • Head Support Pillow
  • Slip Cover
  • Baby Lap Blanket

Print: Shades of Light Pink & White

Minky: Light Pink

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